Steam Ironing

Chest Type Ironer

These ironers guarantee optimal heat conductivity and even temperature distribution steam. Chests are heated by direct steam injection via multiple steam chambers. This hi-tech ironer is the ultimate in proficiency, efficiency and productivity. Aiming at mechanical perfection, the finish does not lack artistic touch. The overall effect is mechanical marvel. Ironing appears to be a creative heat and the result leaves nothing more to desire and XSoni's Rotary Ironers leave no room for complaint.

Salient Features :

  • VFD optimizes rotational speeds of cylinder-ensuring flexibility and quality.
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption
  • Higher out put than equally sized steam heated Ironer.
  • Limited space requirement
  • All sizes ](M (12"). 4S7(fB"). 610(24"). 762 130"), 012 {IT). 1219 (4a") mm roll diameter working width from 1 mtr. to 4 I mtr. single or multi roll version.
  • Steam, Electric and Thermal fluid heating
  • Temperature adjustable to 160" C.
  • All classic Ironer features Guarantee outstanding quality
  • Proven reliability by many references nation wide


Optional Features :

  • Imported S.S Spring padding with heat resistant double layer polyester padding.
  • Polyester conveyor belts with welded imported seam
  • Imported comb hooks.
  • Rubberized conveyor feed roller with air blow feeding for perfect linen edge hold.

Please click on the download tag to see the technical specification.

Flat Bed Press

XSoni systems flat bed press designed for fine pressing of flat linen like table covers, pillow covers, napkins, kitchen linen, staff uniforms of hotels and hospitals. This may press textile articles. The suction feature, quality padding and teflon lining on hot head guarantee fine finishing or pressing. Automatic, auto programmable with reset feature, auto temperature control, pneumatically operated.

Features :

  • Available in 30" x 60" size (750x1500) sizes of head/bed.
  • Also available as per customer requirement.
  • Heating systems available in steam, electric and thermic heat transfer fluids.
  • Now electric heated available in 9 kw dry heating.
  • XSoni systems general utility press is pneumatic operated with automatic time release of the Head at preset time.
  • Head is spring suspended on rockers arms for self alignment with the buck.
  • Pneumatic raising and lowering with push button.

please click on the download tag to see the technical specification

Vacuum Ironing Tables

We provide our clients a range of sturdily constructed vacuum ironing tables, that is more productive, sophisticated and powerful. Our range of vacuum ironing tables are provided with heat resistant silicon fabric and washable foam that ensure longer life and easy maintenance. Available in various elegant designs, these ironing tables are also tested on quality and safety features before delivery to the clients.

  • More Productive, sophisticated, powerful.
  • Elegant look and rust-proof powder coated.
  • Ensure superior suction through noiseless working atmosphere.
  • Washable foam and heat proof cloth ensuring longer life & easy maintenance.
  • Detachable Systems, for easy transportation and installation.
  • Specifically constructed impeller housing and electronically.
  • Controlled operation, guaranteed safety and superior performance.
  • Powder coated perforation ensure instantaneous extremely powerful moisture extraction with low power consumption.
  • No immense of moisture and heat which ensure wrinkle free.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Trouser Finishing Press

The perfect tensioning topper to de-wrinkle and finish khakis, pleated pants and jeans. Microprocessor controlled, the top master ii-pp incorporates the latest design of movable pleat paddles (90° from fly to pocket) with the innovative air operated "clamp on" pressure systems impart a solid crease on a pleat, and automatic leg tensioning. formaster designed for finishing of jackets, coats. Blouses, dresses, raincoats, sweaters and knits. formaster is a state of the art systems with an adjustable high volume fan, automatic timers, foot pedal start, adjustable waist and bust controls, revolving form assembly water spray and condenser and anti-stretch over-bag systems.

: complete selection of specialized forms-talk children knit shirts, skirts and sweaters.

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Shirt Finishing Systems

Truly built for efficiency, productivity and higher profitability, single buck bosom, body and yoke press, which simultaneously finishes sleeves, comprises a unique shirt systems designed specifically to help you increase productivity while saving you operating (and operator) costs.

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Robotic Shirt Systems

Robotic shirt systems is an ergonomically designed, height adjustable, robotic tensioning finishing systems. The rss with size wise gives a superior finish in processing the body and sleeves (long and short) of wet, damp or dry garments. Self contained vacuum for positioning, setting and cooling of the placket, automatic ijde-seam and back tensioning, self-contained high volume heated air blowing systems, are all an integral part of the technically advanced rss which makes it the moderate production shirt finisher for all types of men's and ladies laundered shirts. please click on the download tag to see the technical specification.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Steam Ironing Machines

we deal with steam iron machining .

Oil Fired Steam Generator

Fitted with imported burner Imported float type water level electric or solenoid steam release safety valves & built in electric control panel. Highlights of the oil fired steam generator.

Features :
  • Fully automatic steam generator.
  • Modern design to be installed in the finishing hall without heating effect.
  • Based on simple shell & tube technology.
  • Works on principal of reverse technology where flame & gases reverse in air tight chamber & in the process result in complete combustion & absolute utilization of energy with output efficiency of 90%.

Electric Steam Generator

Pressure Vessel: boiler quality steel construction. S. S. heavy duty electric heaters, imported water level regulator, electric solenoid steam release safety valve, water Into the vessel. Fully automatic pressure control, temperature control, water injection. Dry cut out device, excessive steam pressure release.

Portable Steam Generator

We manufacture a range of portable steam generators that are widely demanded among our clients owing to their sturdiness and long working life. Designed with precision, these are light in weight, maintenance free and have sleek look. Available in different capacities and specifications, these generators can also be made as per the customized specifications of clients.

Features ;

  • Imported Portable Steam Ironing Systems.
  • High pressure steam can be generated by simply plugging to single phase point.
  • 4 level safety mechanism incorporated with advance features.
  • Light in weight, maintenance free, sleek look, single phase.
  • 3.5-5.0 liter capacity up to 5 bar pressure, 2-3 kw power, Steel shell.
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